Laser hair removal – whole chest

A man’s chest is a very broad area to treat, with highly pigmented, thick hair. Alternative methods to the laser, such as waxing or shaving, present drawbacks common among many men: high levels of redness, bleeding, pimples from shaving, skin irritation. And obviously, a general feeling of pain. The regrowth, even after one or two days, is also quick, thwarting the efforts and pain endured.

Thanks to MeDioStar NeXT, men who have had enough of waxing have an alternative – and truly effective – solution: at the very least, laser hair removal reduces the feeling of pain (in many cases to nothing), removes the hair and progressively destroys it.

Both for sport and aesthetic reasons, laser removal of a man’s chest hair is increasingly in demand: the radical solution is now within everyone’s reach – exclusively in Esthelogue centres, using MeDioStar NeXT technology.

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