Laser hair removal: Esthelogue tools and products for professional hair removal

Discover the solutions for the hair removal of all parts of the body using laser technology.

Face, body and laser hair removal treatments for women and men: ready for a moment of absolute wellbeing?

Laser facial hair removal

Working with precision, effectiveness and safety to remove unwanted hair from the face – even the more delicate hair: our beauticians know exactly how to do it!

Unwanted hair on the face presents a number of peculiarities, for both men and women: our beauticians are very familiar with each aspect of this type of treatment. In our protocols, we have identified specific areas of the face and optimised the applications to achieve maximum effectiveness, without reducing the comfort on the client’s skin.

Laser hair removal – leg

Le gambe sono una delle aree più estese da trattare: nella maggior parte dei casi, i peli si presentano ispessiti e molto radicati.

The legs are one of the largest areas to treat: in the majority of cases, the hair is thickened and deeply-rooted. Years of tearing or razor blades have affected regrowth, making hair removal even more painful and irritating for the skin.

With MeDioStar NeXT, we say enough of waxing! We have identified targeted treatments and specific treatment protocols enabling all beauticians to radically resolve the problem of unwanted hair on the legs.

Studio shot of a gorgeous young woman resting her chin on her knee in a beauty pose

Laser hair removal – pubic area

The pubic area is the most delicate area of the body. The skin is very sensitive and is noticeably affected by stress from a razor blade or waxing.

Higher-cut legs and new trends have led to an increased necessity for hair removal in the pubic area. With laser hair removal at Esthelogue centres, the removal of unwanted hair has become a progressive procedure allowing you to say goodbye to the pain of waxing or any tiny cuts from razor blades. Laser hair removal has proven to be the ideal choice for the whole pubic area too, in greater demand from women today: not only for aesthetic reasons but also for hygiene reasons, too.

Laser hair removal – underarms

For aesthetic and hygiene reasons, laser hair removal of the underarm area, in men and women, is now one of the most requested treatments in our centres.

Ditching tearing, waxing and razor blades, laser hair removal is the perfect answer to the greater sensitivity of delicate areas like the armpits. By reducing the stress from tearing and cutting, it is possible to progressively remove unwanted hair in just a few sessions, restoring a sense of wellbeing to the skin.
The laser hair removal treatments in the armpit area are the same for women and men.

Laser hair removal – arms

Arms and forearms are always at the forefront whatever we do… and not just in the summer! The presence of excessive hair can be seen as a nuisance and can become a source of discomfort, affecting the balance and perception we have of ourselves. This problem is really very simple to resolve: arms and forearms are ideal areas for undergoing laser hair removal treatment. The hair has a particular election and is a well-selected target for laser work. Just a few sessions provide visible, progressive results after each treatment.

Laser hair removal – neck, breast, sternum, abdomen, linea alba

These areas are all treatable individually, with treatment protocols that are specifically tested to validate their effectiveness. Power and precision of the MeDioStar NeXT laser technology allows the practitioner to carry out treatments targeted at each area: the presence of hair varies from soft pigmented hair to more invasive trichosis. The action of the laser proves crucial because the absorption of this hair has proved highly selective. Without trauma to the skin, the hair starts to regress.

Laser hair removal – back and shoulders

The size of the MeDioStar NeXT handpiece means you can also treat the largest areas of the female and male body highly effectively. In Esthelogue Centres, you only need a few minutes per session to see real progress.

The back, just like the shoulders, is a very broad area: with our specific treatment protocols, we have combined the power of the laser with the precision of the treatment, making each session type extremely comfortable, even for those with very thick hair.

Laser hair removal – buttocksi

The treatment allows the progressive removal of hairs present and is effective in each type of application, both for women and men. Thanks to the technological characteristics of MeDioStar NeXT, the session only takes a few minutes, is extremely comfortable and has no additional downsides, making it the ideal choice for anyone who needs excessive hair removed from the buttocks and surrounding areas.

Laser hair removal treatment in the buttock area is universal, with fully validated protocols on both the female and male body.

Laser hair removal – hands and feet

Per motivi estetici, lavorativi o sportivi, è sempre più importante poter ricorrere alla rimozione dei peli dalle mani e dai piedi riducendo il più possibile i tempi di recupero, evitando arrossamenti o conseguenze ancora peggiori.

Laser hair removal on the hands and feet is universal, with fully validated protocols on both the female and male body.

Laser hair removal – whole chest

A man’s chest is a very broad area to treat, with highly pigmented, thick hair. Alternative methods to the laser, such as waxing or shaving, present drawbacks common among many men

Both for sport and aesthetic reasons, laser removal of a man’s chest hair is increasingly in demand: the radical solution is now within everyone’s reach – exclusively in Esthelogue centres, using MeDioStar NeXT technology.

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