Facial Treatments

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Photorejuvenation treatments


MeDioStar Kobra is the new Esthelogue technology that makes it possible to provide real treatments for photorejuvenation within the beauty centre. With MeDioStar Kobra treatments, it is possible to progressively reduce the signs of ageing, pushing back the hands of time in a safe and natural way. Without surgical intervention, injections or other invasive treatment, MeDioStar Kobra uses light to stimulate photorejuvenation, giving the face a new youthfulness.
MeDioStar Kobra guarantees a brightening effect on the epidermis and a revitalised texture, visible even after the first session. The resulting consolidation effect of photorejuvenation can be seen from the third session.

Hydration treatments


Esthelogue treatments slow down the normal process of dehydration and restore water lost from the tissues. Furthermore, they prevent the formation of wrinkles, improving the tone of the areas being treated and slowing down the effects of ageing

Anti-aging treatments


Young skin and natural beauty: anti-aging treatments are loyal allies of the daily beauty routine. The treatments maintain and stimulate the function of the fibroblasts, increasing the concentration of collagen and elastin, creating a lift effect over time.

Sebum-balancing treatments


Thanks to the particular formulation of cosmetic sebum-regulator products, the treatments normalise the function of the sebaceous gland and regulate the correct supply of sebum, creating a natural film and making the skin velvety and radiant..

Treatments for lifeless skin


Dry, thickened skin, rough to touch and dullness caused by sebaceous dysfunction improves considerably thanks to Esthelogue purifying treatments.

Firming treatments


Firming treatments are the ideal solution for maintaining a youthful and elastic face, by re-plumping the tissue and stimulating the production of new elastin and collagen.

Toning treatments


By remodelling the oval of the face and re-densifying the dermis thanks to the lift effect, the toning treatments make your face look younger and more radiant.

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Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal

Discover laser hair removal and how to say goodbye to waxing.
Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Discover all the treatments designed to give shape and vigor to your body.
Cosmetic lines

Cosmetic lines

Discover the cosmetic lines to support our treatments

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