Cosmetic Lines

Professional tools and products for face and body treatments

To aid the effectiveness of our treatments, we have created suitable cosmetics stands. Our cosmetics lines have been specifically formulated to suit each application: the product composition is a perfect calibration of active ingredients to increase the benefits of the treatment.
The products are used at different times: they are actually split into pre-treatment and post-treatment. To complete the offer, there is a range of home cosmetic products to be able to extend the feeling of wellbeing and continue the action of the session at home, too.


Cosmetic support for reducing unwanted hair

Epiltune is a complete range of products to use at the beginning, during and after each hair removal treatment using laser and pulsed light technology. The synergy of the Epiltune range using Esthelogue technology for hair removal guarantees safe and effective treatments.

Epiltune is also the cosmetic line used to support laser hair removal treatments in the Epilation Laser Specialist centres.

The active ingredient
The latest innovation of Esthelogue cosmetic research, Epiltune utilises GP4G: an innovative, active marine ingredient, a natural extract of Artemia Salina plankton able to regenerate tissue, protect the cells from oxidative stress and repair the DNA.

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