MeDioStar Kobra

CAMBIOPELLE: MeDioStar Kobra is the new technology 100% Made in Germany to expand the range of beauty treatments in the salon

CAMBIOPELLE: MeDioStar Kobra is the new technology 100% Made in Germany to expand the range of beauty treatments in the salon. An exclusive technology achieved thanks to Asclepion Laser Technologies’ investment in research and development and capable of providing real photorejuvenation treatments in a beauty centre.
MeDioStar Kobra is, in fact, contact with a high-power light spectrum to rejuvenate the face, neck and neckline.
With MeDioStar Kobra, the beautician progressively reduces the signs of ageing and gives the client’s face renewed youthfulness, in a safe and natural way. Using the light’s energy to stimulate photorejuvenation, MeDioStar Kobra guarantees a brightening effect on the epidermis and a renewed texture, which are already visible from the first session. The resulting consolidation of the rejuvenation effect is visible from the third session.

Technical features:

  • Fluency fino a 50J/cm²
  • CoolStar skin-cooling system
  • Wavelength 680-1800 nm
  • Spot 30 x10 nm (3 cm²)

Main applications

  • Toning of the skin
  • Mitigation of fine wrinkles
  • Improvement in the texture of the epidermis
  • Increase in brightness and turgidity
  • Reduction of enlarged pores

Coolstar: integrated and patented cooling system.

During the treatment, the epidermis is protected by the patented technology COOLSTAR, a cooling system integrated in the handpiece that utilises the chiller from the MeDioStar NeXT technology.

How does MeDioStar Kobra work?

MeDioStar Kobra uses a range of wavelengths between 680 and 1800nm, which heat up the skin from the surface of the skin deep down to the dermis. This heating causes an immediate contraction of the collagen, having a tense and turgid effect

MeDioStar Kobra, ideal for:


MeDioStar Kobra is the ideal solution for improving the facial skin of any client who doesn’t want to resort to surgical interventions, injections or other invasive treatments.
It is recommended to anyone who wants to prevent ageing and tone and rejuvenate the face in a natural way with maximum safety.

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