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MeDioStar NeXT is one of the few commercially available technologies that can boast a history stretching back almost twenty years. From its launch in 1998, our laser technology for hair removal has achieved countless goals and awards:

  • 1) today, it is used in 54 countries throughout the world
  • 2)It has received dozens of quality certifications across every continent
  • 3)It has achieved and it represents the Gold Standard for all other technologies.

MeDioStar today is a family of high-performing technologies: we have diversified our range to meticulously meet the needs of all beauticians who choose MeDioStar.

MeDioStar NeXT

Laser technology for removing unwanted hair

Our technology using a diode laser, which is 100% made in Germany, has marked an evolution in the progressive removal of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal with MeDioStar NeXT has marked a significant turning point for those beauty centres that have started to use it.

The three most typical benefits of using the MeDioStar NeXT laser are: more effective treatments compared with other technologies; greater safety; and increased speed of application.


The economic but professional alternative for the hair removal of unwanted hair with laser technology

The first step to new success. MeDioStar NeXT LIGHT is the most suitable choice among the MeDioStar family for all centres that have decided to open their salon doors to a new target of client and have a limited budget.

MeDioStar NeXT PRO

Choosing MeDioStar NeXT PRO means choosing to be more “Professional”.
MeDioStar NeXT PRO is the version of MeDioStar NeXT that offers a new mode of operation: PROFESSIONAL mode. Thanks to this mode, beauticians can vary two other parameters – in addition to the fluency and the frequency – when providing laser hair removal treatment:

  • Fluency
  • Frequency
  • 3. Pulse length

MeDioStar NeXT XL

Unprecedented treatments thanks to an Extralarge spot

Safer, quicker, more effective. The new MeDioStar NeXT XL offers the largest spot available on the market today and guarantees an extraordinary experience in the removal of unwanted hair with extra quick treatments.
Thanks to the SmoothPulse mode, the treatment is not only much quicker than previous versions of MeDioStar NeXT, it is also more comfortable for the client. The new cooling system enables excellent pre-cooling of the epidermis, protecting it from possible risks, which guarantees another safe and pleasant treatment in accordance with the recommended protocol. The XL Small and XL Large tip have been specially developed to treat both small zones and large areas using the same handpiece – with maximum ease.

MeDioStar Kobra

The innovative system to perform photo rejuvenation treatments effectively

CAMBIOPELLE: MeDioStar Kobra is the new technology 100% Made in Germany to expand the range of beauty treatments in the salon. An exclusive technology achieved thanks to Asclepion Laser Technologies’ investment in research and development and capable of providing real photorejuvenation treatments in a beauty centre.

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